Taking time to enjoy famous spring and its history.
Then, the forest begins to whisper to you.

It is as if time has stopped, with atmosphere from the time of its establishment.
The hot spring water, space, and hospitality that have accumulated over the years
in the silence of the forest gently and deeply resonate in the heart of the traveler.

One of Japan's three most famous hot springs,
Yushima has been a sacred hot spring since ancient times

Gero Onsen was once called Yushima Onsen, and is said to have originated around the time of Enki (901 - 923).In the Muromachi period (1336-1573), Banri Shu-ku, a monk from the Kyoto Gozan and in the Edo period (1603-1868), Confucian scholar Hayashi Razan praised Kusatsu, Arima, and Yushima as "the three best springs in Japan."Due to the quality of these springs, they are still popular as hot water "for health" and "for beauty".

The flowing Hida River and the city of hot spring,
inhabiting a famous building with a view of Gero below.

The Yunoshimakan was built in 1931 on the hillside of Mount Yunoshima, known as Gero Fuji.
topography, is divided into the main building, where visitors can relax in the Japanese style architecture, and the western style building, which is a place for entertainment and socializing.
The complex winding corridors look like a maze.
In 2010, the main building, including the entrance and corridors, was registered as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan, and it is rare in Japan to be able to stay in a cultural property.
After leaving your luggage in room, firstly go to an observatory on the third floor of main building. You can enjoy a beautiful bird's-eye view of the city, which is only possible at a hot spring inn built on the highest hill in Gero.

Gero's famous hot spring water that moistens and satisfies,
anytime, anywhere.

At Yunoshimakan, we use the same source of spring water in our large baths, open-air baths with a view, family baths, and even the baths and showers in our guest rooms. In particular, Gero's famous hot spring water, which is rich in efficacy as "beauty water," will leave your skin surprisingly moist and smooth. You will feel a pleasant change.

All of the guest rooms face nature,
and each room has its own unique atmosphere.

Yunoshimakan is an old-style inn that coexists with the Hida forest.
Every room is so close to nature that you can almost reach it,
and fully enjoy the atmosphere and culture of the changing Japanese seasons.
There is no one room that is the same in every way, and the rooms have been
set up so that travelers can spend their time as they wish,
such as the most luxurious guest rooms, the rooms with cultural assets from the time of establishment,
rooms where you can enjoy indoor and outdoor hot spring baths, and rooms recommended for families and groups.

Special room

Emperor and Empress of Japan has stayed in the past.


Please enjoy the Japanese architecture and Ryokan culture built in the early Showa era. A room with a private open air-bath.


Built in the 1930s, the main building is registered as a tangible cultural property in Japan.


The large windows offer a panoramic view of Gero. Each room has a hot spring bath.

Showa modernism takes you back to the good old days.
The Western-style building was built at the same time as establishment.

Modernism of that time still lives on in the dance hall designed in the image of a luxury cruise ship, the conference room with its impressive marble mantelpiece, and the sunroom decorated with hand-burned tiles.

Club “Moonlight “

The Moonlight is a symbol of the entertainment wing of the Yunoshimakan, which is highly regarded by architectural historians today.

Conference Room

The conference rooms are located in the entertainment wing of the hotel, a Western-style building with a strong Art Deco influence.

Restaurant ”Kagarabi”

Please feel free to use this restaurant if you feel hungry after party, before going to bed, or after drinking or playing.

Banquet Halls

The Yunoshimakan has a variety of banquet halls and dining rooms, such as the "Suehiro-no-ma" in the main building, that have welcomed and satisfied many guests since its establishment.

Healing Place “Yururi”

Why don't you unwind your body and mind with healing relaxation care and regain your moisture and refreshment?

Mountain Footbath

The "mountain footbath" is a place where you can take a rest and relax while strolling around the hotel, admiring the early Showa era architecture and trees.

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