One of the three most famous hot springs in Japan - Gero Onsen -

Gero Onsen in Gifu Prefecture is well known for it being one of Japan's three most famous hot springs, alongside Arima in Hyogo Prefecture and Kusatsu in Gunma Prefecture.
The therapeutic water keeps your skin moist and smooth after soaking in the water, so it is dubbed as "Bijin no Yu" (beauty-enhancing hot spring water).

You should visit Gero Onsen to experience the real charm of the Japanese hot spring

In Japan, Gero has been praised as one of the “three best hot springs of Japan". The others are Arima and Kusatsu. Without the experience of hot spring of Gero, you will not be able to get the wonders of hot springs in Japan.

The Gero Onsen is located in the center of Gifu Prefecture. It is about 280km from Narita International Airport., 250km from Kansai International Airport, 120km from Central Centrair International Airport. In addition, it is just about 150km from Mt Fuji, one of Japan’s newest world heritages. Visiting Gero on the way to travel around Japan is very easy.

Located in the middle of the hill overlooking the city, Yunoshimakan is surrounded by rich natural forest. You can enjoy yourself in traditional wooden architecture ,the sprit of the good old hospitality and the wonderful hot spring culture of Japan.

Traditional Japanese-style inn - Yunoshimakan in Gero Onsen

Yunoshimakan is a long-standing ryokan (Japanese-style inn) in Gero Onsen. The ryokan was established in 1931 and has had the honor of accommodating the previous Emperor Showa and the current Emperor Akihito. The more than 80-years-old wooden structure in a traditional sukiya-style took three years to be built by artisans of Hida, who are local artisans famous for their skillful techniques. The building is designated as a National Tangible Cultural Asset. Since the hotel stands in the great forest, each room commands a view of natural beauty. Guests here can experience the real Japan by staying at this historical main building surrounded by nature. Our ryokan is the best choice for those who want to touch and sample the ambience of real Japan.

A garden designed in keeping with its natural surroundings

The garden surrounding the ryokan building was designed in harmony with several centenarian Japanese cypresses and cedars that have grown here naturally. Each season offers various scenic beauties such as green leaves and beautiful flowers. Guests can enjoy strolling around the woods and bird-watching in the trekking course behind our building.

Historical Western-style hall

This Western-style hall was built as an entertaining hall in 1931, when Yunoshimakan was opened. It is a modern-style building from the Taisho era (1912-1926). Later, the dancehall was renovated into a bar called "Club Moonlight," which continues to fascinate people. Please spend your time roaming the halls and various old rooms such as the ballroom, sunroom, and billiard room.


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